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Continuing Education


Continuing Education: Intro to Ayurveda and Chakra Balancing

September 29th and 30th, 10am-5pm

Cost: $300

The Chakra balancing class is based on the ancient Indian Ayurvedic Marma-points healing modality and the seven major Chakras energy system in the body, similar to the Meridian System in Chinese Acupressure. During the theory part of the class, the students will learn how the seven major Chakras correspond to the elements, the glands and organs in the body, as well as how the Chakras influence our body, mind, and spirit on a personal and collective level.

During the practice part of the class, students will learn how to incorporate hands-on Chakra balancing by choosing specific areas of the body to focus on. The students may use massage tables or floor mats to assist each other. They will learn corresponding inclined yoga postures that help with Chakra balancing, along with specific breathing and assisted stretching/effleurage techniques to create space for relaxation and healing.

Learning Objectives

  • The history and origin of Chakras
  • How Chakras correspond to the elements of Earth, water, fire, air, and space
  • How Chakras correspond to glands
  • How Chakras correspond to organs
  • How to prepare the room for a treatment
  • How to do a consultation
  • How to use safety and sanitation procedures
  • How to follow the hand out protocol
  • How to stay neutral and not try to diagnose or “fix” anything
  • How to assist a client with safe inclined yoga poses for stretching on a table or mat
  • How to use a gentle effleurage and vibration massage to focus on a specific area of the body

Call to Register: 520-207-3696

Cancellation Policy

Aveda Institute Tucson will provide a full refund to participants who cancel more than 15 days before the course start date. Participants who cancel less than 15 days before the course start date or are “no-shows” will forfeit the full course tuition, regardless of registration date. Aveda Institute Tucson reserves the right to cancel or reschedule courses at any time. If a course is cancelled due to low enrollment, the course will be rescheduled or participants will be fully reimbursed.